Film in the Berkshires

Get an inside look into the film scene in the Berkshires from two of the people who know it best, Kelley Vickery, the directer of the Berkshire International Film Festival of Massachusetts, and the John Valente, the general manager of the Triplex theater. Kelly gives our listeners a peek into this years BIFFMA, as well as a true female perspective from a male-dominated field. BIFFMA is hosted yearly at the Triplex in downtown Great Barrington, which suits the theater just fine, given their history of progressive movie showing. Whether you’re a film buff or an occasional movie goer, you’ll want to hear about what’s going on with film right in our backyard.

Guest(s) included: Kelley Vickery, founder and director of BIFFMA, and John Valente, general manager of the Triplex.

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