Women in education and the democratic process

Jan and Serene have two phenomenal, local women on the air talking about their own experiences in the realms of education and democracy, as well as their own work to enrich the area. Dr. Ellen Lagemann is heading a new project at Bard College at Simon’s Rock called the Bard Center for Education and Democracy, designed to create programming to get people talking, thinking, and acting together. Marta Bourdon is the founder of The BRIDGE Project (Berkshire Resources for Integration of Diverse Groups in Education) in South Berkshire County, which works to bring new immigrants and professionals together through education. These women have a vast experience and are sharing their inspirational stories with our listeners. What are you waiting for?

Guest(s) included: Dr. Ellen Lagemann, Bard Center Distinguished Fellow, and Marta Bourdon, community organizer.

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