International Women’s Day

Jan and Serene are kicking off their celebration of International Women’s Day this week (observed annually on March 8). Their talking about the annual International Women’s Day Conference at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, and this year’s conference topic Women in Politics: Changing the Face of Power, with conference organizer Dr. Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez and Judy Nardachi, a member of the conference planning board as well as a strong community activist on women’s and LGBT rights. The conversation is crackling as these women talk about their own lives and how politics plays in every part of our lives, and the only thing we can do is face it head on.

Guest(s) included: Dr. Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, professor of Gender Studies and Literature at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, and Judy Nardachi, local organizer and activist of women’s and LGBT rights.

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