Summer Youth Theater Programs

Listen to the APPLAUSE!!!!  Oh how good it sounds….a strong, swift, energetic applause after weeks of rehearsals and hours of practice.  Imagine you are entering into 4th grade, you have never been on the stage, or in a live theater, and YOU just performed a full length production….now you are listening to the applause.  That is what the 30 students aged 8-14 spent their summer doing with APPLAUSE Youth Theater Company.  APPLAUSE is a summer long, comprehensive, menu option, youth theater company where the focus is on the children.  Plus in this interview you will hear a live performance by the “Actors in Residence” singing Do You Love Me from their production of Fiddler on the Roof.  What better way to spend your summer???

Guest(s) Included:  Bob Law, Co-Creator and Founder of APPLAUSE!!!!;  Danielle Goewey, Actor;  Kyle Carson, Actor

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