Healthcare Reform Alert – Advocate for End of Life Services!

Serene Mastrianni and Carole Murko are back in the studio and they tackle a very complicated issue, Healthcare Reform.  It is never to soon to think about your health and your life and when each of them may become compromised.  Tough stuff right?  Well it’s even tougher to think of them when you have just been diagnosed with a live ending disease.  To make matters worse end of life and palliative care services are being left out of healthcare reform and sadly left out of most terminally ill patient options.  Luckily the women of R2W are here to educate families and patients on how to put palliative care in the healthcare package.

Guest(s):  Jan Healey, RN Founder of Healey Group

To learn more about Jan and her consultative palliative care company visit her website at

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