Everyday ART for Women

Serene Mastrianni opens the eyes and ears of R2W Listeners with Fe-Mail,  expressive correspondence between two busy artists, Karen Arp-Sandel and Suzi Banks Baum, as they put their daily lives on post cards and mail them back and forth to each other for several years.  Plus, honest talk with the artists and the “mother” of all artists; Gabrielle Senza. 

The Berkshire Art Kitchen will kick off its spring season with a series of events organized by artists Karen Arp-Sandel and Suzi Banks Baum.  In conjunction with Women’s History Month and aimed to celebrate women artists, the events focus on the daily-ness of art and the challenges of juggling mothering and creativity. 

The Berkshire Art Kitchen was founded in 2009 by artist Gabrielle Senza as an alternative venue for creativity, connection and change.  Part gallery and part art salon, the Berkshire Art Kitchen is known for its high-quality exhibitions and handcrafted gifts, intimate house-concerts and film-screenings, as well as an exceptional collection of one-of-a-kind Artists’ Books.

The Berkshire Art Kitchen is open Friday – Sun 12:00 – 5:00 pm, and most weekdays by chance or appointment.  For more information, visit www.BerkshireArtKitchen.com or call 413.717.0031.

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