Transgenders in the Studio

Serene Mastrianni brings three amazing women into the studio in support of  Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 2010.  Deja Nicole Greenlaw, Keri Stebbins and Brianna Harris discuss their lives and journey through changing genders from men to women.  Listen, hear and learn from these ladies, this is a show that can not be missed!  For more information, please visit these websites:,,

One Response to “Transgenders in the Studio”

  1. Deja Nicole Greenlaw says:

    Hi Serene,
    I just listened to the podcast and I thought that it was a great show! Thank you so much for having us on the show and if you have any questions from you or your listeners please do not hesitate to contact me or Bri or Keri.
    Happy Holidays and Luvs,
    PS May I ask how many hits that you have gotten re: the show?

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