To Love Laundry

Serene Mastrianni and Gabrielle Senza welcome back one of their favorites; Suzi Banks Baum, mother, artist, author, actor, blogger and innovative woman.  Suzi updates listeners on the importance of writing and listening to your environment to inspire change.  Fresh from the arms of her newly adopted niece, Suzi brings us into her world of love, compassion and the glory of laundry.  To learn more about Suzi and her projects, plus to register for her 4 month writing series, go to her website:

2 Responses to “To Love Laundry”

  1. Great Interview with radio2 women and Suzi Banks Baum!!
    I enjoyed every minute and the wide range of topics discussed with humor, thoughtfulness and friendship. Thanks for the shout out!

    Karen Arp-Sandel
    FeMail, Artist & Activist

  2. Oh, this was so fun to listen to, you are both such great conversationalists! I will share this around. And look forward to seeing you on Sunday! xo S

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