Wake Up Girls….Your Life is Calling!

Join Serene and Gabrielle as they spend an hour being inspired by Mike Jaffe, motivational speaker, business and personal coach and author of WAKE UP! Your life is Calling…why settle for FINE when so much more is possible.  Mike spent 14 years as an international consultant and corporate marketer until one day when a small decision radically changed his life.  It is 2013 and it’s your turn to WAKE UP with Mike Jaffe.  For more information on Mike or to order the book go to www.humanwakeupcall.com.

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  1. [...] radio show that is geared for women called Radio 2 Women. You can hear the broadcast online here: http://www.radio2women.com/2013/01/03/wake-up-girls-your-life-is-calling  my interview starts about 8 minutes in.  Serene and Gabrielle were gracious and fun and I had a [...]

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