Amber Chand Talks

Join Amber Chand as she launches into hosting Radio2Women with her monthly series: Tea with Amber.  To learn more about Amber and her work visit

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  1. Tea with Amber

    Just now ,onMemorial Day,and sitting by my part of the river that you have shared, and listening to the Gayatri mantra ,my heart flies out to thank you for maybe the most beautiful and inspiring hour in a very long time. I am brought back ” at a time when I forgot to remember” .Love you Amber. The river and I await with tea, ofcourse

  2. Just now,on memorial day, sitting by my part of the river,that you have shared ,listening to the Gayatri mantra…my heart flies out to thank you for perhaps a most beautiful, meaningful and inspiring hour, having tea with Amber.
    I am ‘brought back to a time I have forgotten to remember. I need stories,your stories,my stories ,and those universal tales of being both human and humane. Thank you

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