Spa Day with BCSP Special Guests

Join the Spa Ladies as they talk and then take some time to introduce Berkshire Coalition for Suicide Prevention.

Peregrine Island

Meet Diane B. Saxton and her first novel Peregrine Island.   The story of three generations of women, one valuable painting, the artist who created it, and those who would do anything to possess it.  To learn more go to

Parenting Through Addiction

As addiction continues to spread throughout the US and more and more children find themselves faced with substance abuse challenges, we often forget the parents and the impact on the family.  Join Caroline Wheeler as she leads our community through the health crisis of substance abuse.  Caroline is most notable for founding Sisters for Peace and now she is founder of Compassion Rising where she has teamed up with Tayna Beecher to create a retreat on May 7, 2017.

Honoring Parents


Spa Day Post 30 Days

Spa ladies chew on the Trump Sandwich; white bread full of bologna topped off with Russian dressing and served with a small pickle.

Spa Day Post Election

Join the Spa Ladies with Serene Mastrianni as they discuss moving forward post election.

Made In The Berkshires 2016

Spa Day Election 2016

Berkshire Human Rights Lecture Series 2016-2017

Suzi Banks Baum in Armenia

Serene Mastrianni interviews Suzi Banks Baum as she discusses her recent trip to Armenia interviewing women artists and her plans to return to run a 4 day artist retreat teaching the art of book making.  To learn more about Suzi and her mission in Armenia visit her at

Author Dr. Claudia Gold is Back!

Join Serene Mastrianni and Claudia M. Gold as they discuss The Silenced Child.  To learn more about Dr. Gold visit her website at