WATER WATER Everywhere

Hurricanes, tropical storms, endless rainy days.  Is all this water good for us or is it as dangerous as it seems?  Join Serene Mastrianni as she introduces listeners to the Waterman, Leslie Gabriel, CEO of Watercheck.biz.  Learn about water conservation, activism, health risks and the benefits of water.  Plus an exclusive look at the newest breakthrough in cleaning technology, you guessed it, water.  To learn more about Leslie go to his website www.watercheck.biz.

HOT Yoga???!!!

Join Serene Mastrianni and Joanna Roche as they introduce listeners to the new practice of HOT Yoga.  Meet Gillian Gorman originator and co-founder of Radiance Yoga.  Thought you had heard it all?  Thought you knew all there was to know about yoga think again, this interview will stretch your mind and transform you into a believer in the detoxifying benefits of hot yoga.  For more information on Gillian and her studio go to her website at www.radiance-yoga.com.

Support YOU and create greatness!

Join Serene Mastrianni as she introduces the electric Jenny Fenig, a women on a mission to create powerful connections and spur women into discovering their inner greatness.  Jenny shares her unique style of yoga-inspired wisdom with women all over the world and brings her passion and energy to YOU the listener.  Jenny Fenig Worldwide empowers gutsy gals from around the globe to find their path, leave a legacy and enjoy the ride.  To learn more about Jenny, a certified career and life coach go to her website at www.jennyfenig.com.

Job Seekers Listen NOW!

Join Serene Mastrianni as she interviews Chris Mastrianni, VP Recruiting YOU, a global search firm who finds top talent career’s everyday.  If you are looking for a new job or thinking about switching careerslisten to this interview now.  Chris lends his expertise to individuals as well as employers.  As Chris says “the most expensive mistake a person or employer can make is putting someone in the wrong job”.  Get educated and make an investment in YOU.  For more information on Chris and his company go to www.recruitingyou.com.

Looking for the perfect fall “read”

Now that summer is over and everyone seems to be in back to school mode, it is the perfect time to relax and read.  Mary Moody’s new mystery “A Killing in Antiques” is a fun, great read, that is difficult to put down while it  inspires you to start collecting.  Listen to Mary tell her story of writing the book at 70 while she battled with breast cancer.  She even explains why it is so important to create an interesting 50 year old heroine that is so often overlooked  and invisible in modern day writing.  Equally as fresh as the book is the author, Mary herself, who found that life can be created after retirement.  For more information on Mary and the book go to www.marymoodymystery.com.

Put Your Child to Work…On Their Lunches

Serene Mastrianni and Joanna Roche welcome back Lori Reamer, mom and nutritionist for over 20 years with Canyon Ranch Resort.  Today they discuss the challenges of creating a healthy, kid approved school box lunch.  Nutrition and children are a constant battle and Lori has not only great ideas to put your kids to work but also to get them nutritionally educated while they (get this) make their own lunch.  Also tips on grocery store shopping with kids and exposing them to new and interesting foods.  Serene tried this out on her 11 daughter and it was a complete success, she shopped for her school lunch and then created it at home….the best news is she ate it.  To learn more about Lori visit her website at www.thefoodthatfits.com.

Food and Fashion…try it on today

Serene Mastrianni interviews Lori Reamer, nutritionist and author of The Food That Fits- A Guide to Mastering Your Food Style.  To many times we are eating the wrong foods at the wrong time but at the same time we wouldn’t dream of wearing white pants to a winter party.  Learn how you can use the fashion theory as a foundation for finding your perfect food practice.  To learn more about Lori or her book visit her website at www.thefoodthatfits.com.

See How Serene is Getting Fit with the AFTER Series

Follow Serene Mastrianni through her inspiring second interview with Chantal Leven and listen to how she took the 21 day fitness challenge and won.  If you have been struggling with trying to fit a workout into your busy life or if you are afraid of fitness then this is the show that will change your life.  Chantal Leven is amazingly inspiring and provides physical, emotional, mental and spiritual one on one coaching.  Create the life you want to have today.  Visit Chantal at her website www.igniteyourlifecoaching.net and take action, overcome and celebrate.

Get Fit Before Series

Wow what a great inspiration this show was for Serene Mastrianni.  After years of unsuccessful attempts to stick with an exercise plan that will fit into her super busy lifestyle, Serene interviews Chantal Leven and her life is about to change for the better.  Chantal inspires Serene to a 21 day life fitness challenge.  Listen to this show and then listen to the AFTER series to hear about the results.  Take the first step in bringing fitness into your life permanently.  For more information on the amazing Chantal, visit her website at www.ingniteyourlifecoaching.net.

Women, Wellness, Weath and Wisdom

The four most important W’s…Women (yes March is the month to celebrate us), Wellness, Wealth and Wisdom. Join Serene Mastrianni and Yedidah Yehudah as they discuss how to live, balance and inspire complete wellness in yourself and your community.  As we celebrate International Women’s Day we realize that behind most great movements in the world was a strong woman.  Wellness, Wealth and Wisdom are the key success drivers to complete balance in our lives and the world.  Listen, learn and become whole (another important word with a w).