Women to Watch

Radio2Women introduces a new series; Women to Watch and connects listeners to amazing young women doing extraordinary things.  Meet Carrie Saldo, Communications Director for Mission, Inc. and winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award and Associated Press Award.  Carrie launches Word X Word a festival that gathers emerging singer/song writers, spoken word poets, and actors on the cutting edge of their craft.  The 2010 Festival promises to the be the “hottest summer party” and runs August 21-29th.  For more information on Carrie and the festival go to www.wordxwordfestival.com.  For tickets to the performances at The Colonial go to www.thecolonialtheatre.org or call the box office at (413) 997-4444.

Empower Yourself to Change

Serene Mastrianni and guest co-host Karleen Whitaker transport listeners to the world of intuition.  Meet Sheilaa Hite, certified clinical hypnotherapist, life coach, master tarot instructor, healer, teacher, author and master of the sacred ancient arts.  Listen and learn how you can recognize the true function of energy and how you can guide through your past and present to impact your future.  Sheilaa Hite is an internationally acclaimed author, her latest book “Power Secrets” is available on www.amazon.com.  To learn more about Sheilaa visit her websites: www.intuitivesage.com and www.sheilaahite.com

Get Your Fringe ON!!!!

Join Serene Mastrianni as she inteviews Sara Kathryn Katzoff, co-founder and “brain child” behind the Berkshire Fringe Festival.  Moments before they open their 6th season, Sara shares her mission and the 2010 mind-blowing schedule.  This year prepare yourself for three weeks of fun and entertainment for all ages.  The Fringe will present 8 shows, 30 free live music concerts, 5 free community workshops and 1 new play development program.  It’s amazing and the Fringe is run by one young amazing, talented woman.  Don’t miss a minute,  to find out more about this year’s mind blowing Fringe go to www.berkshirefringe.org and get your Fringe ON.

Do You Really Know about Sexual Abuse?

Child sexual abuse is astonishingly common, affecting approximately 50 million Americans today: 1 in every 10 men, and 1 in every 5 women, had a sexual experience with an adult as a child.  Victims who currently seek psychological treatment are generally assessed within the conventional traumatogenic model, a theory developed in the 1970s.  Join Serene Mastrianni and Karleen Whitaker as they interview author Susan Clancy, PhD.  In her groundbreaking new book, The Trauma Myth:  The Truth about the Sexual Abuse of Children and Its Aftermath, trauma expert Susan Clancy challenges conventional  treatment.

Are You Ready to Interview?

Join Serene Mastrianni as she interviews Chris Mastrianni, VP Business Development for Recruiting YOU.  If you are interviewing for a new job or maybe just looking, Chris say’s be prepared.  Listen to resume building and interview tips.  Are you really ready to compete with the massive jobless market?  How can you differentiate yourself.  Most importantly how can you land a job.  Learn, listen and get yourself together to succeed.

For more information visit Chris at www.recruitingyou.com

No Child Left Behind….Really?

It is usually a strong woman that admits they  made a mistake.  Diane Ravitch educational pioneer was always known as a conservative champion of choice, testing, No Child Left Behind, and other programs designed to make schools more efficient.  Now Ravitch is saying “we were wrong” and has written a book about it.  The Death and Life of the Great American School System represents a radical change of heart from one of America’s best-known education experts.  If you are currently raising a school aged child or are intimately involved in the education system listen to this honest, open interview.  We all need to take action and take back our children’s education from the hands of politicians.  For more information go to: www.dianeravitch.com

Diane Ravitch, The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education (New York: Basic Books, 2010).

Keep Dancing

Marge Champion captivated audiences as the live action model for Walt Disney’s “Snow White,” and later as she danced with her husband Gower in numerous film, television and Broadway hits such as “Show Boat,” “The Marge and Gower Champion Show,” and “Three for Tonight” with Harry Belafonte. Her extensive talents include directing and award-winning choreographing.

Now a  part-time Berkshires resident, Champion is honored by BIFF with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her role in the documentary Keep Dancing. The afternoon before her award Marge spends time opening up with Serene Mastrianni and Carole Murko discussing her life, career, loss and love.

To get more information on the film go to www.keepdancingthemovie.com

Rescue Your Children from Marketers’ Schemes

The image of girls and boys is being packaged and sold to all of us everyday.  The stereotypical “pretty in pink” and “army green” gives our children the wrong message and guides them down a dangerous road.  Join Serene Mastrianni and Carole Murko as they spend an hour with Lyn Mikel Brown, professor of education at Colby College and author of Packaging Girlhood and Packaging Boyhood.  Every parent should listen, learn and empower their children to break free from the dangers  that are facing them in the outside “fictitious” world.  Plus the second half of the show provides simple steps parents can take to assist children to find themselves.  For more information visit Lyn’s website www.hghw.org (Hardy Girls Healthy Women).

Women, Giving and Why We Need to Give More

Serene Mastrianni chats with Joanna Krotz ,author, advocate and contributing editor of Town and County’s Philanthropy Issues.  Giving is often fueled with many emotions.  Why is it important that we give?  Who do we give to?  Why is difficult for some people to give? In this economic climate parting with our precious dollars can be difficult but it is essential that we invest in our future.  In Joanna’s newest book:  THE GUIDE TO INTELLIGENT GIVING-Make a Difference in the World and in Your Own Life we learn about how and why to “give”.  For more information go to www.joannakrotz.com and join the thousands of people that are making a difference!


Hold On to Your Pocketbook and STOP Getting Ripped Off!

Just in time, when we need some extra cash, Bob Sullivan—creator of the enormously popular MSNBC blog The Red Tape Chronicles, Today show contributor, and author of the New York Times bestseller Gotcha Capitalism—returns with STOP GETTING RIPPED OFF: Why Consumers Get Screwed, and How You Can Always Get a Fair Deal.  Join  Serene Mastrianni and Carole Murko as they link listeners back to their pocketbooks.  STOP GETTING RIPPED OFF goes further, taking a broader look at the whole capitalist system and showing us how to avoid financial pitfalls in the first place.  

Bob Sullivan has been a reporter for nearly two decades.  For the past twelve years, he has covered computer crime and consumer affairs for MSNBC.com.  Today his work appears on MSNBC.com’s Red Tape Chronicles blog.  He also appears regularly on MSNBC television, NBC Nightly News, the Today Show, and various local NBC affiliates. 

For more information go to www.stopgettingrippedoff.net