Healthcare Reform What is the REAL Deal?

Join Carole Murko as she interviews Serene Mastrianni, Healthcare Advocate.  As Healthcare Reform passes through the Senate many of us are asking, “is this really going to improve our health”.  Serene brings her experience in public health and “on the hill” meetings to R2W listeners.  Learn and listen, this is a show that you can not afford to miss.

Everyday ART for Women

Serene Mastrianni opens the eyes and ears of R2W Listeners with Fe-Mail,  expressive correspondence between two busy artists, Karen Arp-Sandel and Suzi Banks Baum, as they put their daily lives on post cards and mail them back and forth to each other for several years.  Plus, honest talk with the artists and the “mother” of all artists; Gabrielle Senza. 

The Berkshire Art Kitchen will kick off its spring season with a series of events organized by artists Karen Arp-Sandel and Suzi Banks Baum.  In conjunction with Women’s History Month and aimed to celebrate women artists, the events focus on the daily-ness of art and the challenges of juggling mothering and creativity. 

The Berkshire Art Kitchen was founded in 2009 by artist Gabrielle Senza as an alternative venue for creativity, connection and change.  Part gallery and part art salon, the Berkshire Art Kitchen is known for its high-quality exhibitions and handcrafted gifts, intimate house-concerts and film-screenings, as well as an exceptional collection of one-of-a-kind Artists’ Books.

The Berkshire Art Kitchen is open Friday – Sun 12:00 – 5:00 pm, and most weekdays by chance or appointment.  For more information, visit or call 413.717.0031.

Women Introducing Theater and Giving BACK!

Serene Mastrianni introduces listeners to a unique theater experience. Inspired by the book ‘Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide’ by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn, WAM Theatre (WAM = Women’s Action Movement) was founded in 2009 by Kristen van Ginhoven and Leigh Strimbeck to use theatre to benefit women and girls worldwide. Both Kristen and Leigh are professional actors, directors and theatre educators who are engaged in the issue of women’s rights worldwide. WAM Theatre’s philanthropic mission is two-fold. First, to raise funds to create professional theatrical events that explore issues relating to women and girls. Second, to donate a portion of the proceeds from those events to organizations that benefit women and girls worldwide.  WAM Theatre is based in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and the Capital Region of New York State. 

For more information visit



Noni Carter Inspires Youth with Good Fortune

Serene Mastrianni scoops the nation by interviewing the teenage phenomenon; Noni Carter.

An accomplished classical pianist, poet, Harvard freshman and novelist, 19-year-old Noni Carter has always cherished the history,values and life lessons of her ancestors. Her debut novel, Good Fortune, is poised to do for Noni’s generation what Alex Haley’s Roots did for his generation —inspiring 21st century black youth to embrace, with pride, the rich legacy of black history, including the gripping experience of slavery. This interview will inspire woman of all ages to stay committed to our stories and share our brilliance with the world. To learn more about Noni Carter go to her website

How “intimate” are you with your finances?

Serene Mastrianni and Carole Murko interviewed Jacquette Timmons, the author of “Financial Intimacy”.  She urges people to divide their financial circle in four ways: earn, save, invest, spend and to understand your relationship to each of those.  She also was clear that managing one’s finances isn’t just about money – there are habits, emotions etc. that we all carry with us that influence the way we handle our finances.  For more information on Jacquette, go to

Cooking – Everyone Can do it!

Serene Mastrianni and Carole Murko welcomed the New Year with enthusiasm!! In fact, Serene decided to interview me (Carole) about cooking and Heirloom Meals.Serene was most interested in my approach to cooking with real ingredients and how simply a meal can be put together with a little planning.  I shared some tips on cooking fish and how versatile chicken breast are.  Check out my blog:

Teenagers in the Era of Social Media

Serene Mastrianni and Carole Murko interviewed Meredith (17) and Caroline Finnerty (16) on their experience using texting and facebook to communicate with their friends.  Caroline shared with us how an ex-boyfriend used both to stalk and harass her after their break-up, and Meredith revealed her desire for privacy and her discreet use of the social media to manage her community of friends.  Their advice to parents – take away our phones at night so we can get some work down and get some rest!  We are going to have them back on an ongoing series about the younger generation and how they communicate.

The Giving Show

Serene Mastrainni and Carole Murko can’t think of a better holiday gift than donating to charities that provide essential services and fill basic needs  - a great gift for someone who has everything. Four organizations were featured.  Information on where and how to send donations are on all of their websites:

  • Woodhull Institute –
  • Tapestry Health –
  • Berkshire Grown –
  • Berkshire Taconic –

Pilates, Goddess Camp and Karendipity

Serene Mastrianni and Carole Murko had way too much fun interviewing Karen Lee, of Karen Lee Central in Lenox.Karen teaches one-on-one pilates classes using the reformer and cadillac which she believes are essential to mastering the techniques that are central to Pilates.  It’s all about the core!!  She channels her positive energy in many ways but her heart is currently devoted to offereing a Goddess Boot Camp to young girls – 7-14.  To help them celebrate their truth, beauty and goodness from the inside out.  For more information go to

Berkshire Grown – Preserving the Harvest

Serene Mastrianni and Carole Murko hosted Julie Michaels, Chairman of the Board of Berkshire Grown and Lisa Dachinger, farmer and owner of River Valley Farm, a CSA (community supported agriculture). We are so lucky to live in a community that helps bring farmers and restaurants together and where local farmers offer shares in their farm produce.  It’s important to knowing where your food is grown, know your farmers and keeping it local.  Thank you Berkshire Grown for providing a resource for farmers, people and restaurants.