Focusing on Finances – 2011 Style!

Have you thought to yourself ”how can I save/make money during this shaky economic time period”?  Could you use a little help easing the pain of personal finance? If so, join Serene Mastrianni as she speaks with money and finance guru  MP Dunleavey about what we all can do to smooth the way towards better financial health and help  you stop asking yourself questions – at least when it comes to your cash! Get more information

Feng Shui and Sacred Currents with Judith Wendell

Sick and tired when you wake up in the morning?  Feeling blue?  Are you out of balance?  Join Serene Mastrianni and Joanna Roche as they introduce listeners to Feng Shui and Sacred Currents.  What you can learn by listening, is how simple Feng Shui can be.  Imagine this, that just by changing the position of your headboard you could wake up refreshed and well rested.  Think about it, how Feng Shui savvy are you?   For more information go to

Election Day Blues….Reds?

Serene Mastrianni and Joanna Roche try to figure out just what is going on in USA politics.  Who can best answer this question on Election Day, the Independent Women’s Forum.  Listen to IWF Political Analysts Hadley Health and Romina Boccia each representing an opposing political view and uncovering the mysteries behind what is really going on and why women have to get in the game.

Transgenders in the Studio

Serene Mastrianni brings three amazing women into the studio in support of  Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 2010.  Deja Nicole Greenlaw, Keri Stebbins and Brianna Harris discuss their lives and journey through changing genders from men to women.  Listen, hear and learn from these ladies, this is a show that can not be missed!  For more information, please visit these websites:,,

Are Cell Phones and Wireless Wi-Fi Hazzardous to YOUR Health?

Serene Mastrianni interviews a pioneer in the research  of  non-ionizing radiation, answering a 30 year question about the health and safety of wireless connection.  We have all become so dependent on the convenience of cell phones, wireless Internet, instant connection to the world, but what is the real cost of this convenience?  Blake Levitt discusses the “real deal” behind electro-smog and warns listeners about it’s dangers.  




Blake Levitt is an

award-winning medical/science

journalist, former New York

Times writer and author of

Electromagnetic Fields, A

Consumer’s Guide to the Issues

and How to Protect Ourselves

(Harcourt 1995). She lives in

Litchfield County, CT.


Transgender, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Straight?

Defining our sexual orientation in sometimes difficult and can be confusing for parents, friends and neighbors.  Join Serene Mastrianni and Karleen Whitaker as they interview Sandy Ortega.  Sandy has spent the majority of her life dedicated to the fight against HIV and AIDS and in the process has developed an expertize in understanding sexual orientation.  As a latina lesbian, Sandy recently received her counselling degree and is working with transgender adults to assist them through the process.  Her message to listeners is to allow young people the choice and freedom of sexual orientation so that they can live their lives completely.

Upcycle Your Old Wool Sweaters

Serene Mastrianni and guest co-host Susie Weekes introduce a new concept in recycling…upcycle.  Green living just got better, meet Wendy Akroyd, founder and originator of Artemesia Studio.  After a short stint studying Fashion Design at FIT in NYC, Wendy decided to upcycle fashion by incorporating salvaged material into ordinary everyday  items.  The result is an amazing original collection that brings back to life your “grandmothers” curtains.  If you think that old wool sweater in your closet is a piece of garbage, think again it provides enough material for a whole outfit, including “flared” leg warmers.  Visit Wendy’s one of a kind creations at which features functional bags, clothing accessories and more.

Women to Watch

Radio2Women introduces a new series; Women to Watch and connects listeners to amazing young women doing extraordinary things.  Meet Carrie Saldo, Communications Director for Mission, Inc. and winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award and Associated Press Award.  Carrie launches Word X Word a festival that gathers emerging singer/song writers, spoken word poets, and actors on the cutting edge of their craft.  The 2010 Festival promises to the be the “hottest summer party” and runs August 21-29th.  For more information on Carrie and the festival go to  For tickets to the performances at The Colonial go to or call the box office at (413) 997-4444.

Empower Yourself to Change

Serene Mastrianni and guest co-host Karleen Whitaker transport listeners to the world of intuition.  Meet Sheilaa Hite, certified clinical hypnotherapist, life coach, master tarot instructor, healer, teacher, author and master of the sacred ancient arts.  Listen and learn how you can recognize the true function of energy and how you can guide through your past and present to impact your future.  Sheilaa Hite is an internationally acclaimed author, her latest book “Power Secrets” is available on  To learn more about Sheilaa visit her websites: and

Get Your Fringe ON!!!!

Join Serene Mastrianni as she inteviews Sara Kathryn Katzoff, co-founder and “brain child” behind the Berkshire Fringe Festival.  Moments before they open their 6th season, Sara shares her mission and the 2010 mind-blowing schedule.  This year prepare yourself for three weeks of fun and entertainment for all ages.  The Fringe will present 8 shows, 30 free live music concerts, 5 free community workshops and 1 new play development program.  It’s amazing and the Fringe is run by one young amazing, talented woman.  Don’t miss a minute,  to find out more about this year’s mind blowing Fringe go to and get your Fringe ON.