Who Are YOU Voting For?

Join Serene Mastrianni and guest cohost Suzi Henry as they hold a debate between a McCain Palin “Hockey Mom” and a Obama Bidden “Soccer Mom”. What is important to women as Election Day closes in. What impact has Palin had on women on either side of the polical fence? If you are still undecided don’t miss a minute of this show.

Guest(s) included: Julie Daniel, Commercial Real Estate Attorney and Annie Okerstrom-Lang, Small Business Owner.

Lay of the Land – Real Estate in 2008

Join Serene and special guest co-host Chris Mastrianni as they examine the ever changing universe of buying and selling a home. Listen and learn more about what to expect from your real estate agent, the perfect price, how to get your real estate license and many other useful tips that you need to know whether you’re a buyer or a seller! To learn more log on to www.boulderwoodgroup.com

Guest(s) included: Carole Murko-Creator, Boulderwood Group.

Let the healing begin!

How often do you get the opportunity to help put a smile on the face of a child? Would you actually follow through? Join host Serene Mastrianni as she discovers how a group of dedicated men and women are doing just that for children around the world. Medical Missions for Children, Inc. provides free surgical and dental care to underprivileged children. Listen in to learn how you can help. To find out more about Medical Missions for Children, log on to www.mmfc.org and let the healing begin.

Guest(s) included: Dr. H. Dennis Synder, Founder of Medical Missions for Children, Inc.

The joys of fish

Jan’s tackling the wide underwater world of fish as pets this week. Her guide, Stu Berkowitz, is the owner of Fin and Feather Pet Shop in Pittsfield and he maintains many of the restaurant aquariums in the county. We’re not talking goldfish today! If you ever wanted to know how to make your beta happy, how fish keep themselves and their water clean, and what fish might be more trouble than you’re bargaining for before you buy, than you’ll want to listen to this show.

Guest(s) included: Stu Berkowitz, “the fish guy,” owner of Fin and Feather Pet Shop in Pittsfield.

Making a way to overcome human trafficking

This week Jan and Serene have a very special and very difficult show. There are more than 30 million human slaves in the world today, and more than a million are taken every year, most of them women and children. Reverend Kimberly Smith is on the air talking about her work with her non-PAC organization Make Way Partners, which is fighting to end human trafficking by educating potential victims and perpetrators as well as aiding victims. Tune in to find out how powerfully this issue affects us in the US, the number one destination for human trafficking. Parental discretion advised.

Guest(s) included: Rev. Kimberly Smith, founder and president of Make Way Partners.

International Women’s Day

Jan and Serene are kicking off their celebration of International Women’s Day this week (observed annually on March 8). Their talking about the annual International Women’s Day Conference at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, and this year’s conference topic Women in Politics: Changing the Face of Power, with conference organizer Dr. Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez and Judy Nardachi, a member of the conference planning board as well as a strong community activist on women’s and LGBT rights. The conversation is crackling as these women talk about their own lives and how politics plays in every part of our lives, and the only thing we can do is face it head on.

Guest(s) included: Dr. Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, professor of Gender Studies and Literature at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, and Judy Nardachi, local organizer and activist of women’s and LGBT rights.

Women in education and the democratic process

Jan and Serene have two phenomenal, local women on the air talking about their own experiences in the realms of education and democracy, as well as their own work to enrich the area. Dr. Ellen Lagemann is heading a new project at Bard College at Simon’s Rock called the Bard Center for Education and Democracy, designed to create programming to get people talking, thinking, and acting together. Marta Bourdon is the founder of The BRIDGE Project (Berkshire Resources for Integration of Diverse Groups in Education) in South Berkshire County, which works to bring new immigrants and professionals together through education. These women have a vast experience and are sharing their inspirational stories with our listeners. What are you waiting for?

Guest(s) included: Dr. Ellen Lagemann, Bard Center Distinguished Fellow, and Marta Bourdon, community organizer.

For the love of love

Jan is celebrating love this Valentine’s Day, and she’s brought some of the most lovely elements together in the studio: chocolate, poetry, and music. Her guests talk about their work with passion and sing the praises of their art for the benefit of all those scrambling to make the day a perfect one for their special Valentine. If you’re looking to lift your heart or the heart of someone you love, you won’t want to miss this show.

Guest(s) included: Michael Rubiner, of Rubiner’s Cheesemonger and Grocer; Michelle Gillett, poet and author; Larry Chernokov, musician.

It’s all in the diet!

Is your diet getting you down without you even realizing it? Jan and Serene have “Skinny Bitch” co-author Rory Freedman on the air and they’re talking about the importance of a healthy diet for a healthy and happy mind and body. Tune in for some great advice straight from the self proclaimed know-it-all for all sizes and dispositions.

Guest(s) included: Rory Freedman, co-author of Skinny bitch.

Women In Politics

The Presidential Race has begun. Serene Mastrianni and Jan Seward educate women voters through the early political process with the help of EMILY’s List. Learn why it is so important for women voters to get to the polls! EMILY’s List was founded 22 years ago and today is the largest Political Action Committee in the country. EMILY’s mission: “Win Today and Build for Tomorrow”. Women VOTE! Learn more about the political process at www.emilyslist.org

Guest(s) included: Ramona Oliver, Communications Director for EMILY’s List.