Art in the Berkshires

As another segment in the Art in the Berkshires series, Jan and Serene have one of their favorite guests back to talk about theater in the Berkshires. Gray Simons is an artistic associate at the Berkshire Theater Festival who self-describes his job as that of a writer/actor/director/teacher. The three of them get down to details talking about the theater scene in the Berkshires and what BTF brings to that. Gray also talks about a less known aspect of BTF: their education programs, and the work they’re doing in our community with 3-8 graders to help bring theater alive for them.

Guest(s) included: Gray Simons, artistic associate for Berkshire Theater Festival..

Shakespeare in the Berkshires

Jan and Serene have a full studio this week with their latest session of Art in the Berkshires. Tina Packard, the founder and artistic director of Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, MA talks about her passion for Shakespeare and the vital role she thinks women played in his life and serve in his plays. Then your hosts switch it up and talk to actors Elizabeth Aspenlieder and Malcolm Ingram about their performances in Rough Crossing this summer with Shakespeare and Company. They’ve both been coming back for 12 years and have received rave reviews for their work. This week they have a special performance for Radio 2 Women listeners, live on the air.

Guest(s) included: Elizabeth Aspenlieder and Malcolm Ingram, veteran actors of Shakespeare and Company; Tina Packard, founder and artistic director of Shakespeare and Company.

Giving Voice to Women: Women Writers

Jan and Serene are continuing their series Giving Voice to Women this week. Have you ever thought you could write a book? Author Barbara Chepitas shares her experiences as a professional author whose published 7 books. She opens up about her trials with the publishing industry, her own writing process, and her perspective as a female author in a male-dominated industry. She’s got some revealing insights into the stereotypes in the publishing world and the differences she’s experienced between men and women writers. This show is for the aspiring writer, someone who’s been putting off writing their life story for years, or anyone who’s ever said, “Hey, that would make a good story.”

Guest(s) included: Barbara Chepaitis, author of Feeding Christine.

Giving Voice to Women: Women Leaders

Jan and Serene are kicking off their new series Giving Voice to Women. They want to bring out the inner leader in every woman. This week they’re sharing stories about women changing the world by starting in their own backyard. Rev. Jennet Philips, a founder of the Hudson River Community Health Care Center, tells about her own amazing journey in starting a health care center in the 1970s to serve uninsured residents of the Hudson Valley, which is running stronger than ever today, and still serving those who are uninsured and those unable to pay. Listen and be inspired to work for what you’re passionate about.

Guest(s) included: Rev. Jennet Philips, a founder of the Hudson River Community Health Care Center..

Spending Smart

Women are the largest-spending consumer group in the market today. This week Jan interviews Dr. Sharon Livingston, the president of the Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc. Dr. Linvonston’s group is all about helping businesses effectively market and sell their products. She’s got some advice for all the women listening on how to navigate the consumer world, how to make informed decisions, and how to see through some of the tricks the industry will play on the unwary. Smart shoppers won’t want to miss this.

Guest(s) included: Dr. Sharon Livingston, president Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc..

The New Face of HIV…Women

HIV is the transmited virus that caused AIDS. June 27, 2007 is National HIV Testing Day and Serene and Jan explore the new face of HIV…women. HIV does not discriminate and it has no barriers if you have had unprotected sex or used dirty needles you may be infected. Get tested now! Meet Regan Hofmann, Editor-in-Chief of POZ Magazine. Regan a white upper middle class woman was 29 when she discovered she was HIV-positive. For ten years, she lived with her secret and in this interview she describes what life is like for a straight, single woman living with the virus. To contact Regan or learn more about getting tested for HIV log onto

Guest(s) included: Regan Hofmann, Editor-in-Chief of POZ Magazine.

Having It All Here In The Berkshires

Serene and Jan continue their on-going series “Having It All” and “Making It Here” highlighting women growing a business and family at the same time while managing to “spark” their local community’s economy. Meet Helen Sharron, CFO of Talent Fusion, a talent agency for the HI Tech Industry now based in Pittsfield Massachusettes. Helen discusses her distinguished career, business ownership and raising children in this open and honest inteview. To obtain more information about Talent Fusion go to

Guest(s) included: Helen Sharron, CFO Talent Fusion.

Women and Girls Moving Across America

Join Serene and Jan in a movement to get out and walk. “Move” into spring by joining millions of women and girls across America and commit yourself to 100,000 steps. Heart disease and obesity are the number one concern for millions of Americans. Serene and Jan will introduce listeners to the “Walk Across America” Movement as well as simple steps to start getting fit.

Guest(s) included: Antione Alston, Fitness Director, Berkshire South.

Boomer Women!

Attention all Boomers! If you are a Boomer or just wish you were(!) you won’t want to miss this show! Dotsie Bregel, founder of the National Association of Baby Boomer Women and of the number one site for Boomer Women on the web,, shares from the heart about her personal story, why she started these two powerful organizations, and the stories of Boomer Women everywhere. Tune in!

Guest(s) included: Dotsie Bregel, Founder, National Association for Baby Boomer Women.

Women in Politics Series Continued

Tune in as Jan and Serene continue their “Women in Politics” series with guest, Victoria Budson, Founding Executive Director of The Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Learn about this program, as well what The Council of Women World Leaders does. Also, get informed as Jan, Serene and Victoria discuss major issues women face as individuals today, including how to gain financial stability and how to keep up with politics, even if you’re balancing a life as a working mom. Stay tuned!

Guest(s) included: Victoria Budson.