Healthcare Reform Alert – Advocate for End of Life Services!

Serene Mastrianni and Carole Murko are back in the studio and they tackle a very complicated issue, Healthcare Reform.  It is never to soon to think about your health and your life and when each of them may become compromised.  Tough stuff right?  Well it’s even tougher to think of them when you have just been diagnosed with a live ending disease.  To make matters worse end of life and palliative care services are being left out of healthcare reform and sadly left out of most terminally ill patient options.  Luckily the women of R2W are here to educate families and patients on how to put palliative care in the healthcare package.

Guest(s):  Jan Healey, RN Founder of Healey Group

To learn more about Jan and her consultative palliative care company visit her website at

Women In Powerful Places Series Features Eugenie Sills

The Women in Powerful Places Series continues with one of Serene and Carole’s favorite women in the Berkshires.  Meet Eugenie Sills and listen to how she started The Women’s Times (TWT) an award-winning publication for women in the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley. Founded in 1993, TWT is the region’s premier venue for reaching women—the world’s most powerful consumers.

TWT’s editorial mission is to tell women’s stories and share resources in a high-quality, regional format. Their content reflects women’s interests in business, technology, education, health care, house & home, mothering, gardening, philanthropy, the arts and more.

Guest(s): Eugenie Sills, Founder and Publisher of The Women’s Times

Summer Youth Theater Programs

Listen to the APPLAUSE!!!!  Oh how good it sounds….a strong, swift, energetic applause after weeks of rehearsals and hours of practice.  Imagine you are entering into 4th grade, you have never been on the stage, or in a live theater, and YOU just performed a full length production….now you are listening to the applause.  That is what the 30 students aged 8-14 spent their summer doing with APPLAUSE Youth Theater Company.  APPLAUSE is a summer long, comprehensive, menu option, youth theater company where the focus is on the children.  Plus in this interview you will hear a live performance by the “Actors in Residence” singing Do You Love Me from their production of Fiddler on the Roof.  What better way to spend your summer???

Guest(s) Included:  Bob Law, Co-Creator and Founder of APPLAUSE!!!!;  Danielle Goewey, Actor;  Kyle Carson, Actor

Summer Fun Continues in the Berkshires

Join Serene Mastrianni as she briefly returns from Cape Cod to highlight the Historic Berkshire Theatre Festival’s 2009 Season.  Just when you thought that summer was coming to a quick end, think again, there is a whole lot of summer left to enjoy live stage theater.  Opening their 81st Season The Berkshire Theatre Festival is better than ever and longer (with a much anticipated fall show, RED Remembers, running September 11-November 1st).  To learn more about what to expect on the two best stages (Main Stage and Unicorn Theater) in the Berkshires, listen now to Radio2Women. To view the Berkshire Theatre Festival season click here:

Guest(s) Included:  Jamie Davidson, PR and Marketing Director, Berkshire Theatre Festival

We are back!!!

This Saturday at 1pm we are going LIVE.  As much as I have loved being away and on the beach, I have missed the show.  This week we are kicking off another great in our Summer Fun Series….Berkshire Theatre Festival.  Don’t miss a minute of Radio2Women.

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Cape Cod

Currently in Cape Cod taking in the sun!

Look for new shows starting July 31st.

Fringe Fesitval Frenzies

The Berkshire Fringe is a 21 day summer festival presenting dynamic new works of theater, dance and music by emerging artists from across the United States—as well as those right from our own backyard. Held on the campus of Bard College at Simon’s Rock in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, the 5th Annual Berkshire Fringe will take place from Monday, July 27th-Monday, August 17th and present dozens of groundbreaking original performances, special events, community workshops and free music. The Berskshire Fringe is presented by Bazaar Productions, Inc., a nonprot arts organization.

Guest(s) included:  Sara Katzoff – Artistic Director

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Serene Mastrianni and Carole Murko ran out of time asking Honey Sharp our many gardening questions. Honey is a master gardener whose approach to landscaping is rooted in ecological and sustainable practices. She is an advocate of using native plants as they are the most likely to support the native ecosystem. Honey is on the Board of the Berkshire Botanical Gardens and the Garden Conservancy. Truly a treat to listen to Honey’s gardening wisdom.

Guest(s) included: Honey Sharp, Owner of Honey Sharp Garden Design and Restoration.

Strengthening Your Core with Karen Lee

Serene Mastrianni and Carole Murko were delighted to host Karen Lee, founder of Pilates Central, an actress and developer of the Goddess Camp. Karen truly has magical fairy charms!! Not only did she share with us her love of dancing and acting, but how as a fit dancer she discovered Pilates and now shares that knowledge with her students at her Pilates Central studio. When she’s not helping others strengthen their core, she is dancing and/or acting. But her most exciting venture to-date are the Goddess Camps that she started this year and will run all summer at Asoinwall Stables. Listen to learn more.

Guest(s) included: Karen Lee, Actress, Owner of Pilates Central, Founder of the Goddess Camp.