Integrative Coaching via Debbie Ford

Meet Fran Fusco, Director of Communications and long time follower of the Debbie Ford work.  Welcome your mind and ears to integrative coaching, unlocking your shadows and reaching your best YOU!  To find out more about the work go to;

Get Your Oola ON!

When Oola founder Amy Humes moved to New York City after college, her father presented her with a “positivity card”—a list of empowering messages handwritten on a pink index card that she could carry in her purse. He hoped his daughter would read the messages written there when she needed a boost of confidence.  Years later, after having children of her own, Amy came up with Oola Reusable Graphics—printed “buttons” that convey messages of positivity and hope.  Check out her website and get your OOLA ON  Also download the free 60 Seconds to Peace App for your IPhone or IPad and you too can share in spreading peace across the world.

William A Luckey Revealed

It may surprise readers and fans of William A Luckey that the popular western author is not a man but rather at the time a middle-aged mom writing from her kitchen table in her free time.  Meet Belinda Perry who for over 30 years has authored 21 books under the pseudonym William A Luckey (the name is part her ex-husband, step-father and mentor).  Visit Belinda and follow her as she travels across the country selling her latest book one copy at a time

Have YOU Had YOUR BOLA Granola Today?

Join Serene Mastrianni and Gabrielle Senza as they introduce listeners to Michele Miller and her deliciously famous company BOLA Granola.  Michele is found almost every weekend chasing down customers in select grocery stores yelling “have you had your BOLA granola today”.  Learn how this woman took a product from her kitchen to the shelves of some of the most sought after food chain stores.  Find out for yourself why BOLA granola is the best tasting granola around at

BFWW Continues with Half the Sky

Serene Mastrianni and Gabrielle Senza continue their coverage of the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers with the much anticipated screening of Half the Sky, Turning Oppression in Opportunity for Women Worldwide, Friday March 15th at 7pm at the Mahawie.  The event is being presented by WAM Theatre and Sisters for Peace, two philanthropic organizations making a difference locally and globally.  Join Caroline Wheeler and Kristen van Ginhoven as they discuss the event and the exceptional panel discussion to follow.  To find out more about the festival visit To follow the great works of WAM Theater, To learn more about Sisters for Peace,

BFWW Kicks off March 1st!

The much anticipated month long Berkshire Festival of Women Writers kicks off March 1st with Out of the Mouths of Babes; An Evening of Mothers Reading to Others.  Join Serene Mastrianni as she interviews Suzi Banks Baum about her amazing event, new book and the month long festival.  Suzi is launching her 2nd Festival Event and her newest book An Anthology of Babes: Thirty-six Women Give Motherhood a Voice.  For more information about Suzi visit or the Festival visit

Orthopedic Treatment Without Surgery

Serene Mastrianni and Gabrielle Senza introduce Dr. Pier Boutin to listeners as she discusses ways to keep our joints healthy, happy and surgery free.

Shout Out Loud on V-Day

Join Serene Mastrianni and Gabrielle Senza as they introduce Jeanet Ingalls, founder and president of Shout Out Loud Productions, Inc.  Jeanet is an artist, athletic trainer and documentary film maker. She is working to raise awareness about human trafficking locally and globally through film and art.  Jeanet was a victim of sex trafficking as a young child.  Listen to her story and her work.  To learn more about Jeanet and her film go to

Pam Peeke Fixes Our Hunger

Join Serene Mastrianni and Gabrielle Senza as they talk to  lifestyle expert, Pamela Peeke, internationally renowned physician, scientist, and expert in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, stress, and fitness.  Dr. Peeke is nationally known as the “doc who walks the talk” as she inspires listeners by living the message she teaches, how to stop your food addiction.  Pam’s New York Times bestseller, The Hunger Fix, The Three Stage Detox and Recovery Plan for Overeating and Food Addiction has transformed host Serene and thousands world-wide.  Listen ladies and break free from the false fixes of food!  To learn more about Dr. Peeke or buy the book go to

Draw Your 2013 Resolutions with Patti Dobrowolski

Join Serene Mastrianni and Patti Dobrowolski as they talk about how Drawing Solutions, changed Serene’s life and put her on the path to greatness for 2013.  Patti is the founder of Up Your Creative Genius, a consulting firm that uses visuals and creative processes to help companies and individuals around the world accelerate growth and create positive change that enhances culture, employee performance and the bottom line. An internationally recognized keynote speaker, critically acclaimed comic performer, writer and business consultant, she has brought her innovative visual practicesto NGOs, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and individuals around the world.  R2W welcomes back Patti because she is known for her high energy, quick wit and commitment to helping people and businesses achieve their goals; and in 2013 she is giving back!  For more information on Patti or to order her book Drawing Solutions, How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life go to