Get Gutsy with Jenny Fenig

Join Jenny Fenig as she talks about the Chinese New Year and how we can all shed our 2013 snake skin to gallop into the year of the horse.  To learn more about Jenny visit her website at  Also to take advantage of this radio offer and receive a free gift follow this link:

Berkshire Human Rights Series

Join Ricky Bernstein and get a peek into the brains behind one of the best speaker series in the county. To learn more about the series and dates to watch go to

Berkshire Barter

Thinking about bartering for some goods and services well today is your lucky day because Berkshire Bartering is sweeping the region.  To learn more and find times and locations visit their Facebook Page at

Suzi Banks Baum is Back in the Studio!

Join Suzi Banks Baum as she talks about motherhood, publishing and celebrating sisterhood!  Meet Suzi live on Friday January 17th at Simon’s Rock while she gives VIM and CHP generous donations from her book An Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood a Voice.  If you don’t have the book on your shelf then buy it today at

Sex Education at Home for Your Tweens?

Who should be conducting comprehensive sex education to tweens and where should it be happening?  This was the question that the Berkshire United Way’s Karen Cole, Coordinator of Youth Development, posed to the newly created reduce teen pregnancy Coalition.  The answer is simple, everyone should be involved from parents to the schools to peer programs.  Empowering young tweens to delay sex, access reproductive health and aspire for bright futures is essential in driving down the staggering teenage pregnancy rate in Berkshire County.  The births to teens between ages 15-19/1000 teens is 20.6 Berkshire County and 34.0 Pittsfield which is staggering compared to the rest of the state at 17.1.  Together we can change history and empower our youth to invest in their future through programs like GET REAL and LET’S BE HONEST.  To get more information on these programs and how you can reach your tweens go to

Farmer Dom is BACK in the Studio to talk TURKEY

Farmer Dom is back and he is talking TURKEY!  Dom’s message to everyone is buy locally, support your local farmers throughout the year, yes you can buy from local farms all year long.  To find out where to purchase locally go to or and visit Dom at

Thanksgiving Family AM Show

Join Serene as she unleashes the SHISHIK and LAIACONA family onto local listeners!

Ezra-A Mother’s Portrait

Meet Stella Elliston, author, artist and mother.  Stella shares the beautiful story of her amazing son Ezra; his life, strength, smile and warmth.  This book is a must give for the holiday season!

Peace, World Security and Global Resources

Meet Michael Klare, professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College and the author of 14 books on US military policy, the arms trade, and global resource politics. His most recent book is “The Race for What’s Left,” published in 2012 and now available in paperback from Picador.  To visit and learn more about Michael visit his website at

Thank you for HPV

Meet Zee, Zeina ZeeLuv Smidi, holistic health coach and author of Thank You for HPV: A Simple Guide to Healing Yourself. Zee is known for her outspoken and open discussion of HPV infection from detection at a young age to treatment as an adult. To meet Zee or download the FREE book you can visit her at