Do you have 10 Minutes a Day?

Meet author Lorne Holden as she explains how she wrote a book taking 10 minutes everyday.  MAKE IT HAPPEN in Ten Minutes a Day shows you the big power of using small amounts of time to create the fantastic in your life. Written in compelling chapters that can themselves be read in ten minutes or less, Lorne Holden puts forward a clear plan that will work for anyone willing to dive in. Think you don’t have the big time big dreams require? Are you stuck resisting an awful task? This book is your solution. MAKE IT HAPPEN offers a blueprint for action that simple, manageable and fun. It is the true antidote to procrastination! You can find her book for less than $5.00 at


Join Serene Mastrianni and Gabrielle Senza as they interview Susan Burke, attorney and lead in the litigation of several women survivors of rape and assault in the military.  Are you thinking, of course we are at war and women are at risk of enemy pursuit?  Think again the rape and assault was caused by the commanders and US Military members.  This is a very different “friendly fire”.  For more information watch the documentary and if you want to take action and get behind Congresswomen Jackie Speier STOP ACT HR3435 go to  To screen the documentary the INVISIBLE War go to

Women and Food

Join Serene and Gabrielle as they enjoy dessert in the studio with executive chef Josephine Proul.  The restaurant is Local 111 located in Philmont NY and most everything on the menu is truly farm to table.  Josephine shares her vision, tips on how to caramelize onions (which takes 2 hours) and we all eat the delicious homemade farm fresh berry cobbler….yum.  Local 111 is simple food done right!  To visit Local 111 go to their website:

Women Entrepreneurs Series

Women get ready to build, launch or grow your businesses.  Serene and Gabrielle welcome back Amber Chand, Business Strategist, Coach, Global Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Friend.  Listen and learn about this 4 week program uniquely designed for women business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in themselves and their businesses and SOAR to the next level.  For more information on the series visit or email Amber at Don’t miss it, this is your chance to unlock your Feminine Power!

Get Accepted to Your TOP College Choices

Getting into college is more competitive today and having your child gain access into their top choice is near impossible.  Did you know that being “well rounded” is NOT enough, in fact it can hurt more than it can help with the college admissions process.  Serene and Gabrielle introduce Bill Short, founder of The Short List, college and career counseling and he discusses the top 10 reasons getting into college is so competitive, what you can do to tip the scale in your favor and easy steps to establish a balanced college list.  To get more information on Bill and his organization visit

Empowering Women With Peace

Radio2Women introduces Amber Chand, founder of the Women’s Peace Collection, gifts that bridge worlds and rebuild lives.  Serene and Gabrielle open up a timely discussion about the changes happening in our world and Amber transforms the conversation into a peaceful, hopeful and wonderful passage to our future.  Amber is among one of the most inspiring women in the world she is a global entrepreneur, coach and speaker.  We were blessed to spend an hour talking to her.  Listen to this pod cast if you do nothing else today! To learn more about Amber go to her website:

To Love Laundry

Serene Mastrianni and Gabrielle Senza welcome back one of their favorites; Suzi Banks Baum, mother, artist, author, actor, blogger and innovative woman.  Suzi updates listeners on the importance of writing and listening to your environment to inspire change.  Fresh from the arms of her newly adopted niece, Suzi brings us into her world of love, compassion and the glory of laundry.  To learn more about Suzi and her projects, plus to register for her 4 month writing series, go to her website:


Meet Karen Arp-Sandel a collage, visual, and mixed media artist, educator and Kripalu Yoga Faculty Member.  In a word, she is “awesome”!  Now see her work among other artists featured in DIE FORMMEISTER, The Masters of the Form exhibit September 27-October 21, 2012 at MCLA Gallery 51, curated by Valeria Federici.  Karen is the Director of Vibrant Visionary Collage and co-founder of FeMail, whose collage workshops and DIY Kits, birth worldwide mail art networks.  Her passion is to illuminate the transformational power of living a creative life, listen, enjoy, and visit Karen at

Are Random Encounters Really Random?

Kristin Kaufman joins Radio2Women as she talks about her new book, Is This Seat Taken? Random Encounters That Change Your Life.  Serene and Gabrielle both big fans of the book talk about how these short stories impacted their lives.  Kristin, founder of Alignment, Inc. discusses her life and her global experience seeding her journey from the C-suite of Fortune 500 companies to where she is today.  This interview will change your life!  For more information visit Kristin at

Keep OUR Children Safe From Sexual Abuse

Join Serene Mastrianni and Gabrielle Senza as they explore one of the most difficult topics affecting children in our community, sexual abuse.  The Elizabeth Freeman Center provides support for victims of recent or past abuse and the on hand counselors provide real time support and guidance.  When our community is struck by perpetrators everyone reacts, but what do we do when the abuse is in our own homes?  Get involved, listen to our children and STOP the cycle of sexual abuse.  To learn more visit or call the Freeman Center: Counseling, intervention, referrals for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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Great Barrington, MA 01230
Phone: (413) 429-8190

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