Merry Christmas

Enjoy a relaxing hour with holiday readings and well wishes for a great day!! Serene and Carole hope all find joy and warmth. Merry Christmas to all!!

Guest(s) included: Tina Packer, Founder and Director of Shakespeare and Co. and Tori Pajeski.

Keeping those Holiday Pounds Off

It’s all in the planning!! We had a great discussion with Elizabeth DiMeo supporting what we’ve heard all our lives – Eat everything in moderation!! And, yes we have to make choices to keep the pounds off. Keys to making the right choices at parties: 1. Don’t skip a meal before a party – or you’ll overeat 2. Alcohol vs dessert – choose one not both 3. Choose greens whenever possible 4. Try to exercise. Truly informative and inspirational – visit or 413-446-6722 for more information. Serene and Carole are both signing up to have Elizabeth coach us to better health and nutrition and hopefully better bodies!Yippee!!

Guest(s) included: Elizabeth DiMEo, MS,CNS,LDN Interactive Clinical Nutrition- Supporting Lifestyle Change.

Winter Beauty Secrets

Don’t we all struggle with the drying heat of the winter – it wreaks havoc on skin, hair and nails. A top beauty PR expert, Joanna Roche gave her tips on websites to visit and brands to use. Her advice -it’s all about the ingredients. So whenever possible use Indie Brands (Independent) which are made in smaller batches and have expiration dates, hence no preservatives!! Suggested Brands include Revive Facial moisturizer, Ojon restorative treatment for hair and body treatments such as butters by Korres and Environ. We also hosted a skin care specialist from Seven Salon Spa, Missy Ketchum who deals with these complaints daily and strongly urges the use of protective sun screen and frequesnt facials. Great websites:,, and for the dirty dozen bad products –

Guest(s) included: Joanna Roche, Consultant for many beauty brands and luxury goods – 413-637-0640 and Missy Ketchum, Skin Care Specialist at Seven Salon Spa – 413-298-0117.

Eat Locally Grown Food this Thanksgiving

….and everyday for that matter. It’s a simple but often overlooked pleasure – eating locally grown food. And the Berkshires has a very active farming community with Berkshire Grown ( helping make the connections from farmer to restaurant and to consumer. Its “mapalicous” feature on their website shows where the farmers are and what’s fresh and available – what a resource!! And go directly to the farms by joining a CSA (community supported agriculture) and enjoy your share weekly from June through November. We had fun chatting with Berkshire Grown’s Executive Director about Berkshire Grown and with Laura Meister, owner/farmer of Farm Girl Farm – a CSA and produce supplier to local restaurants – INSPIRATIONAL. Laura stumped Serene with celeriac and kole rabi – we urge all to add some celeriac to your mashed potatoes – you won’t be disappointed!! Gobble Gobble!!

Guest(s) included: Barbara Zheutlin, Executive DIrector of Berkshire Grown and Laura Meister, owner/farmer of Farm Girl Farm.

Cyber Bullying and Our Children

Carole and Serene interview Dede Bartlett, one of the founders of the National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline ( and Rich Colangelo, Sr Asst State Attorney in Southern CT, and get an eye-opening jolt of facts impacting our kids. Dede shared a staggering report that cell phones are used to control other kids – using the anonymity of the phone and internet to bully other kids. Rich recommends programs in the schools that focus parents on the fact that these communication tools are used too much and for the wrong purposes. Kids take pictures of other kids in the locker room and then send it and post it on Facebook or other sites – if it’s inappropriate – it’s child porn. It’s hard to parent the internet – it’s easy to parent our children. Pay attention to how much time your kid uses their phones and IM’s. There’s a growing problem out there and we need to face it!!

Guest(s) included: Dede Bartlett, one of the founders of the Narional Teen Dating Abuse Hotline,Rich Colangelo, Sr Asst State Attorney in Southern CT.