Getting Out to Vote – Women and Voting

Wm. Smitty Pigntelli, Fourth Berkshire District MA State Representative shares his perspective on issues facing voters today and to vote based on your personal values. We also discussed the Palin perspective, the media and the different standards for men and women pursuing office.

Guest(s) included: Wm. Smitty Pigntelli, Fourth Berkshire District MA State Representative.

Who Are YOU Voting For?

Join Serene Mastrianni and guest cohost Suzi Henry as they hold a debate between a McCain Palin “Hockey Mom” and a Obama Bidden “Soccer Mom”. What is important to women as Election Day closes in. What impact has Palin had on women on either side of the polical fence? If you are still undecided don’t miss a minute of this show.

Guest(s) included: Julie Daniel, Commercial Real Estate Attorney and Annie Okerstrom-Lang, Small Business Owner.

Lay of the Land – Real Estate in 2008

Join Serene and special guest co-host Chris Mastrianni as they examine the ever changing universe of buying and selling a home. Listen and learn more about what to expect from your real estate agent, the perfect price, how to get your real estate license and many other useful tips that you need to know whether you’re a buyer or a seller! To learn more log on to

Guest(s) included: Carole Murko-Creator, Boulderwood Group.

Let the healing begin!

How often do you get the opportunity to help put a smile on the face of a child? Would you actually follow through? Join host Serene Mastrianni as she discovers how a group of dedicated men and women are doing just that for children around the world. Medical Missions for Children, Inc. provides free surgical and dental care to underprivileged children. Listen in to learn how you can help. To find out more about Medical Missions for Children, log on to and let the healing begin.

Guest(s) included: Dr. H. Dennis Synder, Founder of Medical Missions for Children, Inc.

The joys of fish

Jan’s tackling the wide underwater world of fish as pets this week. Her guide, Stu Berkowitz, is the owner of Fin and Feather Pet Shop in Pittsfield and he maintains many of the restaurant aquariums in the county. We’re not talking goldfish today! If you ever wanted to know how to make your beta happy, how fish keep themselves and their water clean, and what fish might be more trouble than you’re bargaining for before you buy, than you’ll want to listen to this show.

Guest(s) included: Stu Berkowitz, “the fish guy,” owner of Fin and Feather Pet Shop in Pittsfield.