Margaret Randall, Revolutionary Women

Jan and Serene are talking to woman extraordinare Margaret Randall, whose writings and photography from Mexico during the student movement of the late 60s, Cuba during the Cuban revolution, and Nicaragua during the Sandinista revolution have offered insight into the experiences of women during these turbulent times. She shares her own experiences with losing American citizenship after moving to Mexico, her struggle and triumphs raising 4 children while sustaining her career, and her return to the US and to writing and teaching. Her inspiring story is not to be missed.

Guest(s) included: Margaret Randall, activist, writer, poet, photographer.

Take Control of Your Health

As part of the continuing series on health, Jan is talking with Dr. Mark Pettus, the author of The Savvy Patient: The Ultimate Advocate for Quality Health Care and It’s All in Your Head: Change Your Mind, Change Your Health. They’re talking about what makes a savvy patient, and the importance of taking a proactive role in your own health care. Dr. Pettus helps guide listeners through the complex health system, where an explosion of technology has put decisions about diagnosis and treatment that never existed before on patients. He also has advice on how to avoid the health system altogether by changing some simple things in your own life.

Guest(s) included: Dr. Marc Pettus, faculty and Medical Director for Kripalu and author.

Giving Voice to Women: Women in Business

Jan and Serene have got a tasty show for listeners this week. Their guest Donatella Arpaia is an attorney-turned-restaurateur, who gave up years of school and the corporate fast-track to pursue her passion for food. She tells listeners what it takes to make it in the business, and what it’s like once you’ve got your dream. Her fabulous Manhattan restaurants have earned her critical acclaim and a reputation in culinary circles, but she lets listeners know that anyone can get to where she is if they put in the effort. She’s an inspirational woman who is not to be missed!

Guest(s) included: Donatella Arpaia, restaurateur.

Artists and Writers in the Berkshires

Jan is in the studio this week talking about the tradition of writers and artists of the Berkshires. She’s joined by Louise McCue, the executive director of The Berkshire Historical Society, and Dr. Carole Owens, a scholar for The Berkshire Historical Society, who have a exhibit up at the Arrowhead Museum called “Fertile Ground: Berkshire Artists and Writers 1846-1861.” Herman Melville’s famous (and infamous) Moby Dick was written right here in the Berkshires, and he’s only been one in a long tradition of creative thought in the area. Carole and Louise share some interesting things that may make you love the area even more.

Guest(s) included: Dr. Carole Owens, author, lecturer, and scholar for The Berkshire Historical Society, and Louise McCue, executive director of The Berkshire Historical Society.

What’s in a Poem?

Poetry may be one of the hardest things to write well, but one of the most wonderful to enjoy reading. Jan and Serene have Michelle Gillette in the studio, a writer and poet who’s been recognized by the Mass Cultural Council. The hosts get her talking about whether or not poetry needs to rhyme, whether it needs to make sense or not, and if its a talent that exists in everyone, just waiting to be discovered. Do you have an inner poet? Take a while to nourish that part of yourself with some of Michelle’s experience, advice, and her own amazing poetry, and you’ll be happy that you did.

Guest(s) included: Michelle Gillette, poet and contributing writer the The Berkshire Eagle and The Women’s Times.