Berkshire Theater Festival

The summer line-up for The Berkshire Theater Festival as well as a sneak peak into the educational apprentice program offered by the theater to students around the world.

Guest(s) included: Grey Simon, Managing Director of Education and three apprentices.

Foul Ball

Writer and ex-Yankee ball player Jim Bouton shares his life experiences and research with special guest co-host Chris Mastrianni in this compelling interview regarding life, baseball and the under workings of Corporate America in small town Massachusetts.

Mahaiwe Presents

The newly restored, historic Mahaiwe Theater re-open’s it door’s for a season of theater, dance, music and fun. After several years of restorations and millions of dollars the beautiful Mahawie Theater in downtown Great Barrington, MA begins it season. Guests discuss the line-up for the season as well as the steps to restoring and re-opening a historic landmark.

Guest(s) included: Jonathan Secor, Artistic Director and Beryl Jolle, Managing Director of the Mahaiwe Theater Project.

Summer Travel

Haven’t made your summer travel plans yet? Have no fears. Tune in as Carolyn NeJaime-Jeffrey, from NeJaime’s Capital VIP Travel Agency in Stockbridge, MA, joins Jan and gives invaluable advice for summer travel. Did you think that the Caribbean was too hot past winter? Think again. It’s also more affordable in the summer months. Learn about planning your fantasy vacation and the benefits of using a travel agent as opposed to planning your vacation solo. Get the inside on where to go this summer as Jan and Carolyn inform their listeners.

Guest(s) included: Carolyn NeJaime-Jeffrey.