Serene and Jan in the Studio

Radio2Women launched in May of 2005 as the local community radio program “Talk of Our Town” on WBCR-LP 97.7 Great Barrington MA.  Created by two women- Serene Mastrianni, a pharmacist, and Dr. Jan Stefanacci Seward, a psychologist – balancing lives as busy mothers and professionals, “Talk of Our Town” immediately captured the attention of its local listening audience and beyond for its timely content, in-depth topical analysis, and sense of humor!

In January of 2006, Serene and Jan redesigned the radio show and created Radio2Women, its topical content rapidly built a loyal listening audience via the internet and podcasting on www.radio2women.com.

In September of 2008, Jan Stefanacci Seward left Radio2Women due to increasing demands of her personal and professional life.  Although she is no longer involved in the weekly show her vision and mission continues to be present in the show.

As in the beginning, Radio2Women continues to focus on real issues facing women everyday.  The dynamic vision of its creators along with fresh input from Carole continues to inspire original and insightful coverage of what concerns women most.